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Cyberbullying in Adolescent Victims: Perception and Coping

At school they avoid trying new things for fear of failure and will give up easily. Self-esteem continues to decline during adolescence particularly for girls.

Researchers have explained this decline to body image and other problems associated with puberty. Although boys and girls report similar levels of self-esteem during childhood, a gender gap emerges by adolescence, in that adolescent boys have higher self-esteem than adolescent girls Robins et al. Girls with low self-esteem appear to be more vulnerable to perceptions of the ideal body image perpetuated in western media through methods such as airbrushing models on magazine covers. Abraham, T.

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Low Self-Esteem in Children

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Adolescent coping : theoretical and research perspectives / Erica Frydenberg - Details - Trove

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Adolescent coping: Theoretical and research perspectives

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