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There was a more significant development that occurred as a result of these prefabricated homes. People began to live in nearly identical homes, forming suburbs. These suburbs came to be known as Levittowns, named after Abraham Levitt, the man who capitalized on the idea of the suburb. The most important thing that came out of the suburb was America's postwar romance with the car. Cars were needed to transport people in and out of suburbs, and to urban jobs. Another great Academy Award winning movie was made in this decade and that movie was Hamlet.

There were many other successful movies as well during this decade but most of this was because movies were now played in color instead of the original black and white films. This made movies much more popular events and increased the revenue the film and theater industry was making. Plays were not as common anymore since they were just filmed and put onto the big screen but some people still put on an occasional show or 2. News of the war filled newspapers, magazines, and the airwaves throughout the war's duration. In fact, the war was so popular that people were talking about it after it was over and done with, breaking out new stories about the atrocities that the Nazis had committed.

In the aftermath of the war, the s became the graveyard of pulp magazines, because of the increase in comic books for youths and paperback books for adults. The s were the golden age for comic books, because they were now geared more towards youths. In a few short years, comic books had beaten pulp magazines out of the dominant spot in print culture, the spot that pulp mags had held throughout the s and s. By the s, pulp magazines had virtually disappeared, except for some detective, science fiction, and fantasy magazines that remained in print.

In the s many American men and women became famous through sports. They proved their athleticism and determination by setting new trends, others proved themselves by breaking old records. The Chicago Bears was one of these teams.

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In the championship, the Bears beat the Redskins Not only did they shut down the Redskins, but this remains to be the highest score in NFL history. The Army consisted of military members interested in football.

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Nobody really considered them an actual team, until November 9, On this day, Army played the prestigious Notre Dame and came out with a tie. Although neither team won, Notre Dame took it as a big loss. The Army however gained fame and proved themselves to be more than a third-rate team. Another headliner in the 's sports was Babe Didrikson. Before the 's, women's sports wasn't really payed attention to.

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However, Babe Didrikson was an exceptional athlete, and almost impossible to ignore. But the significance of this is that she was a women. In most competitions she went against men, and beat them. She was proof that females were just as capable in sports as males. Th e 's developed a unique flavor of music. Advancements in technology brought about a greater variety in music tastes. A big influence in the music styles were African Americans. During this time African Americans were becoming more vocal and so many of them brought music influenced by their home culture.

The boundaries between genres were fluid and songs mixed and matched different genres. Since this was right after World War Two, music tastes began to accommodate many soldiers back from the war. The most popular music style during this time was swing. Swing was popular because of it was catchy. People found a strong attraction to it as it was both energetic and easy to dance to. After swing died out many lesser composers of swing music became famous pop artists.

Both were not what movies needed. There was something that was just missing. Then Copland came along.

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He reinvented American movie music. He was able to pave the way for movie music composers to this very day. One could say he was the Father of Movie Music. At the beginning of the s, the United States was emerging from the despair that had gripped it for over 10 straight years.

The New Deal had helped to alleviate the economic stress of the times, but it was not enough. At the beginning of World War II, in , things changed. Jobs that had been unavailable were suddenly in excess. However, America's population had learned from the suffering and hardships they went through during the Great Depression and were hesitant to take risks in the suddenly expanding economy.

These same people decided to live frugally and grew "victory gardens" in an effort to minimize the risk of being without food. However, this suffering was what prepared them for the life of rationing that they endured during the war as well as the mandatory restrictions on food, clothing, and miscellaneous items needed to help the war effort. Americans were able to live frugally even through that time of economic prosperity.

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The baby boom was an aftereffect of the large amounts of marriages before the war. The deprivation of the Great Depression had been what caused these mass marriages because many people were afraid to get married during the Depression. When these couples were reunited, they moved into ranch houses in the suburbs and began to have children - a lot of children.

This was the baby boom.

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By the mids, the economy had improved to the point that it was almost like the Great Depression had not happened. People began buying things: homes, cars, electric appliances, and other luxuries. Americans were now taking vacations to go to Las Vegas, the gambling capital of America and to sunny locations. The downside of the war, was that the world emerged divided. There were two main factions, capitalist and communist. October 24, V-2 rocket takes first picture of Earth from outer space.

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Main article: s in music. Main articles: List of years in literature and List of years in poetry. See also: — in fashion and — in fashion. Raoul Wallenberg , c.

Chiune Sugihara c. Glenn Miller , Bing Crosby , Frank Sinatra , The Germans called this "the final solution to the Jewish question The Germans called this "the final solution to the Jewish question". Overall, about 5.

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Atlas of the Holocaust , pp. Compared to five to 11 million 1. Small, Melvin and J. David Singer. Oxford: Oxford University Press. John Bloom and Michael Nevin Willard eds. Sports Matters: Race, Recreation, and Culture. CS1 maint: uses editors parameter link. History of 20th century. Events Timeline. State leaders: — — Earthquakes Lunar eclipses Solar eclipses Volcanic eruptions. Categories : s 20th century.

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