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He found time and working space to copy some devotional pictures, which the miserly Pucci admired enough to buy and eventually took back with him to his hometown of Recanati. During this period, Caravaggio also painted the Youth Bitten by a Green Lizard , now at Florence, together with a Boy Peeling a Green Citrus Fruit , a portrait of the keeper of an inn where he had once stayed, and another long-vanished portrait of which there is no description.

If any survive, they have not been identified.

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Another young painter was working there, Mario Minniti from Palermo, who was as poor as Caravaggio. They made friends and lived together for the next few years. At the time, like Lorenzo, Antiveduto went in for mass production.

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  7. Some of his paintings have been mistaken for lost works by Caravaggio. He specialized in historical and religious scenes, and, at their best, his paintings were graceful and hauntingly mysterious. It cannot have been easy working for him; he was vain and haughty. Caravaggio probably spent no more than six months in his workshop.

    During this time, he painted self-portraits with the help of a mirror. One of these, an odd, sickly little Bacchus the Bacchino Malato , sits hunched and half naked at a table, holding up a bunch of grapes. His skin is yellowish, his face ugly, with thick lips and would-be mocking eyes. Another painting from this period is the Boy with a Basket of Fruit , which has had many highly imaginative interpretations. Some think it depicts autumn, or the sense of taste.

    When Giovan Battista returned, the cardinal sent for Caravaggio, who insisted that Giovan Battista was not his brother. As for your own children, if God answers my prayers to see you married with a family, I hope he blesses you in them, as I shall ask his Divine Majesty at my Masses, and as your sister will in her prayers. This story comes from Considerations on Painting by Giulio Mancini , a dilettante physician from Sienna who, although he never met Caravaggio, knew at least one of his sitters. He tells the story as an example of Caravaggio's oddity. Yet Caravaggio's refusal to acknowledge Giovan Battista may have been due to doubts about his paternity.

    The marriage of his father's employer, Francesco Sforza, Marchese di Caravaggio, to Princess Costanza Colonna had gone badly at first, and Caravaggio's parents could have spoken about their quarrels in front of him,although they were over by the time he was born.

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    It is not entirely impossible that he imagined he was an illegitimate Sforza. Fantasies apart, he was the son of Fermo di Bernardino Merisi of Caravaggio. Two early sources say Fermo was a mason, Bellori apparently copying Baglione. But Baglione was a bitter enemy of Caravaggio, against whom he once brought a libel action, and his account, written after Caravaggio was safely dead, is often malicious.

    Caravaggio: A Passionate Life

    Mancini, the most reliable of the early sources, informs us that Fermo was "master of the household and architect to the Marchese di Caravaggio," while documentary evidence shows that he was a small landowner on the fringe of the lesser gentry. Fermo appears to have been on very friendly terms with the marchese, who was a witness at his wedding to Lucia Aratori on 14 January, , in the church of Santi Petri e Paolo at Caravaggio.

    No birth certificate has ever been found, but it is now generally agreed that he was born in either Caravaggio or Milan at the end of September, a few days before the great victory over the Turks at Lepanto. He may well have descended from a family of architects. Fermo, an architect himself, named his son after another architect.

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    Ironically, in the Milanese dialect "Michelangelo" could easily be confused with "Michelaccio," a roving ne'er-do-well from Lombard folklore. Just over forty kilometers east of Milan, the tiny town of Caravaggio was close to the Venetian border. Fermo owned a house at the Folceria Gate, with a little estate outside the wall. The town's only distinguished son was Pollidoro da Caravaggio, a pupil of Titian, murdered in , who may have been a Knight of Malta. The surrounding countryside, the plain of Lombardy, was very fertile, irrigated by innumerable canals. In the English tourist Tom Coryate, viewing it from the roof of the Duomo at Milan, called the plain "the garden of Italy," marveling at its orchards, vineyards, and pastures.

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    Its great nobles lived with pomp and ceremony, and no name could have been more illustrious than that of Francesco Sforza, Marchese di Caravaggio, the main branch of whose family had ruled Milan until recently. Whether at the marchese's palace in Milan or at his villa near Caravaggio, Fermo ranked after his master in an enormous household. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. Items related to Caravaggio: A Passionate Life.

    Caravaggio: A Passionate Life.

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    Desmond Seward. Publisher: William Morrow , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Michael Angelo da Caravaggio had an amazingly colorful and adventurous career, full of dramatic contrasts. Review : Historian Desmond Seward has written an indispensable book on Caravaggio--equally balanced and historically double-checked.

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