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1. Introduction

The SIR is the useful signal power divided by the interference signal power before the receiver band-pass filter. Analyze Fig. This study first described the UWB pulse waveform based on Gaussian monocycle pulse. Then, it discussed the SSA pulse waveform optimization based on PSWF and used the power method to obtain the largest eigenvalues and eigenvectors in matrix operations.

The UWB pulse waveforms which cover the entire S-band are used as interference signals. The transmitting and receiving model of Unified S-band receiver are designed and the performance of USB receiver is researched. Di, J. Hong, Z. Qishan, Y. Li and K. Hong, FCC, First report and order. Foerster, J.

Green and S. Somayazulu, Ultra-wideband technology for short or medium-range wireless communications. Q, 2: Hua, S.

Table of contents

Beaulieu, Direct sequence and time-hopping sequence designs for narrowband interference mitigation in impulse radio UWB systems. IEEE Trans. Chen, H. Wang, Z. Zhao and C.

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Zhou and X. Huang, Analysis on coexistence of ultra wideband with OFDM-based communication systems. Li, Terminal sliding mode control for spacecraft formation flying. Aerospace Electron. Cho, K.

Wallace and Z. Ding, A novel ultra-wideband pulse design algorithm. IEEE Commun. Wang, F. Ma and W. Slepian, D. Some comments on Fourier analysis, uncertainty and modeling.

SIAM Rev. This book provides a thorough discussion of the challenges associated with designing radios with such constrained resources, as well as fundamental design concepts and practical approaches to implementing working designs. Springer Professional. Back to the search result list. Table of Contents Frontmatter 1.

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Introduction Abstract. Integrating circuits on a single substrate and then shrinking them down to microscopic scale has not only brought the size of our computers down to fit in our hands, but it has also had dramatic impact on power. As discussed in the previous chapter, Low Power Communication is the key to realization of a low power sensor node. Since sensor nodes require only low data rate communication, it might sound intuitively clear that they should also naturally be low power. After all, if a node does less work, it should also consume lesser power.

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If we look at existing radio designs at various data rates and ranges, we see that the design space occupied is very wide. There are designs that take wall supply, consuming a few watts of power, while some work on batteries.

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