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Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies

Knorr D. Applications and potential of ultrasonics in food processing. Trends Food Sci. Paniwnyk L. Applications of ultrasound in processing of liquid foods: A review. Kentish S. Applications of power ultrasound in food processing. Dolatowski Z. Applications of ultrasound in food technology. Acta Sci. Polonorum Technol. Clark J. An update on ultrasonics. Food Technol.

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Vinatoru M. An overview of the ultrasonically assisted extraction of bioactive principles from herbs. Leong T.

"Encapsulation of Curcumin by Milk and Whey Powders Using Spray Drying"

Alternatives to Conventional Food Processing. Ultrasonic food processing; pp. Cinelli G. Ultrasound-vortex-assisted dispersive liquid—liquid microextraction coupled with gas chromatography with a nitrogen—phosphorus detector for simultaneous and rapid determination of organophosphorus pesticides and triazines in wine. Russo M.

Encapsulation: A New Concept for the Food Industry?

RSC Adv. Canselier J. Ultrasound emulsification—An overview. Freitas S. Continuous contact and contamination free ultrasonic emulsification—A useful tool for pharmaceutical development and production. Effects of ultrasound on milk homogenization and fermentation with yogurt starter. Virone C. Primary nucleation induced by ultrasonic cavitation. Zheng L. Innovative applications of power ultrasound during food freezing processes—A review.

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Applications of ultrasound in food technology: Processing, preservation and extraction. Candrapala J. The effect of ultrasound on casein micelle integrity. Dairy Sci. Ultrasound in Food Processing: Recent Advances. Basic principles of ultrasound. Pitt W.

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Ultrasound increases the rate of bacterial growth. Ojha K. Ultrasound technology for food fermentation applications. Benedito J. Use of ultrasound to assess Cheddar cheese characteristics. Contreras N. Analysis of the sugar content of fruit juices and drinks using ultrasonic velocity measurements.

Delgado-Povedano M. A review on enzyme and ultrasound: A controversial but fruitful relationship. Villamiel M. Influence of high-intensity ultrasound and heat treatment in continuous flow on fat, proteins and native enzymes of milk. Food Chem. Tsukamoto I. Inactivation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by ultrasonic irradiation. Jiranek V.

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  • Application of Ultrasound in Food Science and Technology: A Perspective.
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High power ultrasonics as a novel tool offering new opportunities for managing wine microbiology. Gil M. Pre-and postharvest preventive measures and intervention strategies to control microbial food safety hazards of fresh leafy vegetables. Banach J.

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Effect of disinfectants on preventing the cross-contamination of pathogens in fresh produce washing water. Public Health. Disinfection capacity of High-Power Ultrasound against E. Food Bioprocess. Mizrach A. Determination of avocado and mango fruit properties by ultrasonic technique. Ultrasonic technology for quality evaluation of fresh fruit and vegetables in pre- and postharvest processes.

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Nano- and micro-structured assemblies for encapsulation of food ingredients

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Encapsulation of Foods

Nikitenko S. Ultrasound in process engineering; pp. Schneider Y. Ultrasonic excitation affects friction interactions between food materials and cutting tools. Arnold G.

Ingredients and Formulation: Encapsulation Technologies Protect Key Ingredients

Ultrasonic cutting of cheese: Composition affects cutting work reduction and energy demand. Dairy J. Comandini P. Effects of power ultrasound on immersion freezing parameters of potatoes.

Encapsulation: A New Concept for the Food Industry?

Modification of food systems by ultrasound. Food Qual. The effect of ultrasound irradiation on the convective heat transfer rate during immersion cooling of a stationary sphere. Cheng X.