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This will cover the following:. The scholarship amounts to EUR per month and includes a German language course. If you come from Middle or Eastern Europe, incl.

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The selection committee of the master program selects the eligible candidates among the admitted students and submits a shortlist to the Haniel and Klaus Tschira foundations for approval. Scholarships may also be available from national, bi-national, or international organisations of many countries.

Students interested in such scholarships should inquire at the nearest DAAD office or at their university as early as possible. This includes getting a tax card Lohnsteuerkarte.

Students from other countries can also work without a work permit as long as they do not work more than 90 days per year or alternatively days part time up to four hours a day. Professors of the Master Course might offer you some work as a student assistant in their lab. Please note that this last possibility might be difficult for students who do not speak German. Please note: we require a Bachelor's degree from most Asian applicants including India, China etc.

Please note: The German text of the official publication is the authoritative version. The English version is a courtesy translation. In case of ambiguity, please refer to the German documents.

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This test should assist you in finding the right Master program and in checking critically for yourself whether you have the necessary background knowledge to follow the Master in Nanobiophysics adequately. Completing the test will not take more than 1 hour. But please don't betray yourself! Our recommendations concerning the number of correct answers are:. Should you decide to apply, we kindly request you to send us the original draft of your solutions along with the required application documents. Please note: we are keen to know where exactly you made mistakes; this will actually help us to fine-tune the contents of the lectures a bit more according to your needs.

Please note that there is a different procedure for graduates from non-German institutions of higher education and graduates from German institutions of higher education.

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You need to apply online through our online application database between April and 31 May. In addition, you need to apply through uni-assist between April and 31 May. Uni-assist checks the completeness of your file and validity of your certificates. Without it, applications cannot be considered. Please apply here. Payment of a fee to uni-assist is required. Please note that your application will only be processed after uni-assist has received your payment. Please do not send original documents; certified copies are acceptable at the time of application.

However, please note that we do have to see the originals upon your arrival when you register at the TUD. You need to send us the following documents by post:. We offer admission only once a year, for winter term starting in October. Decisions on admittance will be based on your grade point average GPA and your educational and professional background. The letter of admission should be used to apply for a student visa at the German Embassy of your home country. Along with the admission letter you will also receive a detailed checklist with the formalities to be completed before and after your arrival in Dresden.

Please also kindly refer to the FAQ section on this website which might answer some of your related questions already! Xiao Feng Pang. An Introduction to Analytical Chemistry. Udai Arvind.

Fundamentals and Techniques Biophysics and Molecular Biology

Foundations of Organic Chemistry. David R. Electrical Phenomena at Interfaces and Biointerfaces. Hiroyuki Ohshima. Femtochemistry VII. Michele Kimble. Energetic Materials. Plasma Chemistry and Catalysis in Gases and Liquids. Vasile I. Handbook of Polymer Crystallization. Ewa Piorkowska.

Matthias J. Characterization of Solid Materials and Heterogeneous Catalysts. Michel Che. Catch Up Chemistry, second edition. Mitch Fry. Advanced Inorganic Chemistry. Narayan S. Solvent Extraction. Vladimir S Kislik I. Industrial Catalysis. James D Burrington.

Department of Biophysics | Masaryk University

Christoph Elschenbroich. Physics and Biology. Pierre Desbiolles. Hans-Eckhardt Schaefer. Environmental Radiation Effects on Mammals.

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Olga A. Biophysical Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing. Jonathan Hanes. Ulf Hanefeld. Rossen Donev. Modelling Protocells. Roberto Serra. Physical Chemistry for the Biological Sciences. Gordon G. Transition Metal Organometallic Chemistry. Francois Mathey. Brain-Computer Interface Research. Christoph Guger. Mathematical Biophysics. Andrew Rubin. The Organic Chemistry of Medicinal Agents. Adam Renslo. Structural and Mechanistic Enzymology. Christo Christov. Biophysical Chemistry. Alan Cooper. The Engineering Approach to Winter Sports. Francesco Braghin. The Phantoms of Medical and Health Physics.

Michael Kissick. Equilibria and Kinetics of Biological Macromolecules. Barry Lentz.