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Hitler's rise to power 1919-1933

What if Hitler had acted rashly, before his army was ready-would such impatience have helped him or doomed him faster? Here is an action-packed, blow-by-blow chronicle of the war that might have been-and the repercussions that might have echoed through history-had Hitler reached too far, too soon, and too fast.

Turtledove uses dozens of points of view to tell this story: from American marines serving in Japanese-occupied China to members of a Jewish German family with a proud history of war service to their nation, from ragtag volunteers fighting in the Abraham Lincoln Battalion in Spain to an American woman desperately trying to escape Nazi-occupied territory-and witnessing the war from within the belly of the beast.

A novel that reveals the human face of war while simultaneously riding the twists and turns that make up the great acts of history, Hitler's War is the beginning of an exciting new alternate history saga. Here is a tale of powerful leaders and ordinary people, of spies, soldiers, and traitors, of the shifting alliances that draw some together while tearing others apart. At once authoritative, brilliantly imaginative, and hugely entertaining, Hitler's War captures the beginning of a very different World War II-with a very different fate for our world today.

The general took a gold case from an inside jacket pocket and lit a cigarette of his own. He smoked in abrupt, savage drags. He took a couple of more puffs on the aromatic Turkish cigarette, then ground it out under his heel. And so he probably was. As the pilot here says, there are many uniforms. Por Dios, amigos, there is only one Sanjurjo! They did what Sanjurjo told them to do. It took a lot of bad language and help from three other men before they managed it. A hundred?

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But now he would fly with the kind of load the light plane was made to carry. He liked that. After Ansaldo started the motor, he ran through the usual flight checks. Everything looked good.

A Critical Assessment

He gave the plane all the throttle he could. He needed to get up quickly, to clear the trees beyond the far edge of the bumpy field.

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When he pulled back on the stick, the nose lifted. The fixed undercarriage left the ground. The bumping stopped. The air, for the moment, was smooth as fine brandy. To fly like a bird, like an angel. It is an airplane that takes me out of exile, an airplane that takes me out of Portugal, an airplane that takes me away from the hisses and sneezes and coughs of Portuguese.

If a Spaniard and a Portuguese spoke slowly and clearly, or if they wrote things out, they could generally manage to understand each other.

The Fall of France

The reverse was also bound to be true, but the pilot never once thought of that. It is—what does Matthew say? So did Juan Antonio Ansaldo.

General Sanjurjo smiled like a cat in front of a pitcher of cream. Ansaldo did, too, but only to himself; a little judicious flattery, especially flattery from an unexpected direction, never hurt. Spain needs you.

Astray, the founder of the Spanish Foreign Legion, was a very brave man. Colonial fighting had cost him an arm and an eye. Men like that were valuable in the officer corps, but who would want such a skeletal fanatic leading a country?

How Adolf Hitler Rose to Power and Seduced Germany | Live Science

And why not, when he held the rising in the palm of his hand? But the plump little general was no great leader of men. Franco had all the warmth, all the excitement, of a canceled postage stamp. The light plane droned on: toward Spain, toward Burgos, toward victory, toward the birth of a whole new world. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview A stroke of the pen and history is changed. In , British prime minister Neville Chamberlain, determined to avoid war, signed the Munich Accord, ceding part of Czechoslovakia to Hitler.

But the following spring, Hitler snatched the rest of that country, and England, after a fatal act of appeasement, was fighting a war for which it was not prepared. Now, in this thrilling alternate history, another scenario is played out: What if Chamberlain had not signed the accord?