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Dynamic waveform shaping with picosecond time widths. Fang, T. Detection of 3.

Researchers report advances in stretchable semiconductors, integrated electronics

Electron Devices Meeting 4. Dyakonov, M. Shallow water analogy for a ballistic field effect transistor: new mechanism of plasma wave generation by DC current. Detection, mixing, and frequency multiplication of terahertz radiation by two-dimensional electronic fluid.

Vacuum Tube to Transistor to Integrated Circuit [Documentary]

Electron Devices 43 , — Nonresonant detection of terahertz radiation in field effect transistors. Shchepetov, A. Solid State Circuits 44 , — Statnikov, K. Tang, A. Solid State Circuits 48 , — On-chip THz spectroscope exploiting electromagnetic scattering with multi-port antenna. Single-chip source-free terahertz spectroscope across 0. Hillger, P. A pixel 0. Thyagarajan, S. Sarmah, N. A fully integrated GHz direct-conversion quadrature transmitter and receiver chipset in SiGe technology.

Mendis, R. Undistorted guided-wave propagation of subpicosecond terahertz pulses. Hermelo, M. Express 25 , — Reichel, K. A broadband terahertz waveguide T-junction variable power splitter. Karl, N. Frequency-division multiplexing in the terahertz range using a leaky-wave antenna.

Weidenbach, M. Express 24 , — Yata, M. Photonic-crystal diplexers for terahertz-wave applications Opt. Ma, J. Communications with THz waves: switching data between two waveguides. Infrared Millim.

Terahertz Waves 38 , — Mottaghizadeh, A. Nanoscale electromagnetic confinement in THz circuit resonators. Paulillo, B. Circuit-tunable sub-wavelength THz resonators: hybridizing optical cavities and loop antennas. Express 22 , — Zhang, Q. Collective non-perturbative coupling of 2D electrons with high-quality-factor terahertz cavity photons.

Artificial dielectrics: ordinary metallic waveguides mimic extraordinary dielectric media. A tunable universal terahertz filter using artificial dielectrics based on parallel-plate waveguides. Artificial dielectric polarizing-beamsplitter and isolator for the terahertz region. Electrically reconfigurable terahertz signal processing devices using liquid metal components.

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Han, Z. Sensale-Rodriguez, B. Graphene for reconfigurable terahertz optoelectronics. Chen, H. Active terahertz metamaterial devices. Nature , — Mittendorff, M.

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Graphene-based waveguide-integrated terahertz modulator. ACS Photon. An electrically driven terahertz metamaterial diffractive modulator with more than 20 dB of dynamic range. Zhang, Y. Gbps terahertz external modulator based on a composite metamaterial with a double-channel heterostructure. Singh, P. High speed terahertz modulator on the chip based on tunable terahertz slot waveguide. Designing optimal surface currents for efficient on-chip mm-wave radiators with active circuitry.

Monnai, Y. Terahertz beam steering and variable focusing using programmable diffraction gratings. Express 21 , — Scherger, B. Discrete terahertz beam steering with an electrically controlled liquid crystal device.

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Terahertz Waves 33 , — Jha, K. Terahertz planar antennas for future wireless communication: a technical review.

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Infrared Phys. Xu, Z. Akyildiz, I. Nano Commun.

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Frequency-division multiplexer and demultiplexer for terahertz wireless links. Channel performance of indoor and outdoor terahertz wireless links. APL Photon. Koenig, S.


Wireless sub-THz communication system with high data rate. Nagatsuma, T. Advances in terahertz communications accelerated by photonics. Recent progress and future prospect of photonics-enabled terahertz communications research. E98C , — Topical Meet. Jia, S. Lightwave Technol. Pang, X.

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Hulme, J. Carpintero, G. Microwave photonic integrated circuits for millimeter-wave wireless communications. Balakier, K. Integrated semiconductor laser optical phase lock loops. Wireless data transmission at terahertz carrier waves generated from a hybrid InP-polymer dual tunable DBR laser photonic integrated circuit.

Volkaerts, W. Van Thienen, N. Fischer, B. Chemical recognition in terahertz time-domain spectroscopy and imaging. Kawase, K. Non-destructive terahertz imaging of illicit drugs using spectral fingerprints. Express 11 , — Gas sensing using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy. B 67 , — Sampaolo, A. Improved tuning fork for terahertz quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy.

Sensors 16 , Wang, C.