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7.1 Regional Economies Create Differences

In this way, living labs connect the research and innovation worlds, centres for local development, exponents of the manufacturing sector like Chambers of Commerce, clusters, trade associations, business incubators and experts as well as municipalities and other local government representatives. Specifically, WP 6 applies and tests tools for participative governance of the bioeconomy in two regional case studies in Italy and Bulgaria.

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In the context of the living labs, alternative programmes of measures and their socio-economic and environmental impacts will be discussed with relevant stakeholders. Based on the outcomes of the public debates, the regions will be assisted in formulating appropriate and effective programmes of measures to foster their regional bioeconomies.

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    Regional Economies as Knowledge Laboratories, edited by Philip Cooke and Andrea Piccaluga

    EPRC More. The Helsinki Living Lab aims to gain a deeper understanding of the social impacts of these changes to the rural and peri-urban areas around the two cities. The Living Lab will also focus on issues that pertain to digital services and other novel solutions that enable multiple locations for life and work, rural and urban.

    The Real Powerhouses That Drive the World’s Economy

    The growing Helsinki metropolitan area seeks sustainable solutions for its dependence on ecosystem services that are located in the adjacent and remote rural areas. Policy guidelines and recommendations of the ROBUST project will have a timely impact on regional development and cooperation models in the Helsinki-Tallinn region, and offer new economic development opportunities to the 1. Live Cases are a real-time journaling process for the Living Lab case studies.

    source url Both urban and rural areas struggle with disinvestment in local economies, social services, affordable housing or public infrastructure — A group of 35 practitioners, policy makers, researchers and civil society representatives shared experiences Skip to main content. Tue 30 Apr.