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Hannan is the creator and executive producer of the Nickelodeon animated television series CatDog, overseeing all aspects writing, storyboarding, character design, art direction, and post-production of over one hundred minute episodes and holiday specials. He also wrote and sang the CatDog theme song.

As of Hannan is working on a variety of film, television, game, and book projects, including a series of six middle-grade illustrated novels for HarperCollins called Super Goofballs, which features a staggering group of avenging lunatics: Super Goofballs 1: That Stinking Feeling, Super Goofballs 2: Goofballs in Paradise, Super Goofballs 3: Super Underwear..

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As of he is working on a picture book and another series of middle-grade illustrated novels called Wally, King of Flurb — also for HarperCollins. He is working on a graphic novel and an animated television series. Back to Profile. Photos Works. Potter—style magic meets Snicket—y irreverence.

Just who are the Anybodies? You'll have to New York Times bestselling author Peter V. Brett returns to his groundbreaking Demon Cycle series Brett returns to his groundbreaking Demon Cycle series with this enthralling novella—the latest story set in his much-loved fantasy world. Each night, the world is overrun by bloodthirsty demons.

For centuries, humanity survived Before the Poison. From New York Times bestselling author Peter Robinson comes this mesmerizing story-within-a-story about a man From New York Times bestselling author Peter Robinson comes this mesmerizing story-within-a-story about a man pulled into a murder from the past—and his quest to uncover the truth. Quietly reeling from the death of his beloved wife, Chris Lowndes decides to Copenhagen connection.

A strange twist of fate brings Elizabeth Jones face-to-face with her idol, the brilliant, eccentric A strange twist of fate brings Elizabeth Jones face-to-face with her idol, the brilliant, eccentric historian Margaret Rosenberg, at the Copenhagen Airport.

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An even stranger accident makes Elizabeth the esteemed scholar's new private assistant. But luck can go from good Can fear kill? There are those who believe so—but Amelia Peabody is skeptical. Blunder leaped to answer it, but a wall of goofballs blocked him and I got it instead. I put it on speakerphone.

Peter Hannan

Amazing Techno Dude speaking! They ate all that, too! Every kid in Gritty City has been crying all morning! Every dentist, too! Especially the dentists! What a bunch of crybabies! Plus, the criminals ate the entire building, including the windows!

Freddy! Locked in Space

With the Goofballs anxious to solve the case, I decided to stay behind to begin training Fantastic Furball, Terrific Tabbykins, and Wonderpuss in the ways of superhero sidekickdom. As they disappeared around the corner, I heard them all screaming in terror as Granny sped backwards, narrowly missing cars, buses, houses, and everything else. I 27 Okay, first things first. I suited up the kittens in little superhero outfits that came with some superhero action figures I used to play with when I was a kid. Glad I saved them. I used a marker to personalize them and they looked surprisingly good.

The three spunky little cats tried very hard and were beyond cute as they did their best to mimic my every move. When I kicked, they kicked. When I leaped, they leaped. When I ran up the wall, flipped over, and landed on my feet, they crashed into the wall, and rolled around the room like three furry tennis balls. I was bonding with them more and more. It was weird because I had never really thought of myself as a cat person—I always preferred dogs.

Creepy Crawlers - Attack Of the Fifty Foot Googengrime

But when I compared these kittens who I would be able to mold from scratch into perfect sidekicks to the resident dog who was not only a disaster waiting to happen but 28 also a disaster in the middle of happening, one that happened a few minutes ago, and one that would continue to happen well into the future , the cats seemed like a good way to go. I worked them hard—supermoves, supersnarls, supercrashing into things—and they were quick learners, but they were quick to tire out, too, like all little tykes.

They eventually fell asleep on a pile of trash. I put them in their basket in my bedroom, and they pulled the blanket all the way over their heads, so that just their cute little tails were sticking out. I tried to fall asleep, too, but no luck. I gave up and went downstairs to raid the fridge. It was still raining. They scoured the area for clues, but the rain and mud made it difficult. It was also difficult because they were stumbling around the crime scene half asleep. They finally found something, totally by accident, as one by one they fell face-first into a giant muddy hole in the ground.

It took everyone a second to figure out what 31 Granny had said, but when they did they gasped again. They had absolutely no experience with giants of any kind, much less the candy-loving monster supervillain maniac kind, and the idea of more than one of them was freaking them out. She was small to begin with, but at fifty feet up, she was a tiny speck against the gray sky. They all imagined a giant, monster, supervillain maniac whose feet started where they were and whose head ended way up where Pooky was, and they gasped a third time.

Maybe I should just go on vacation for a while. They were tired, cranky, and covered with mud. They sloshed up the front walk but started running when they heard the phone ring. They slid together through the front door just as Blunder Mutt crashed through the basement door a ringing phone is one thing that will break Blunder out of a stay. He bounced off Wonder Boulder and landed in a garbage can. The garbage can tipped over, rolled across the room, and bounced back down the basement stairs. The rest of I 34 the muddy Goofballs slid across the room and crashed down the stairs behind him.

I had finally fallen asleep, but this woke me up. I looked at the clock. I stumbled down from my bedroom just in time to see supermuddy, super-short-armed Super Vacation Man crawl back up the basement stairs and answer the phone. He put it on speaker. Well, the creeps consumed nine hundred buckets of fried chicken, two tons of French fries, and four hundred pounds of deep-fried doughnut holes in less than five minutes.

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Plus the six thousand gallons of grease it had all been fried in! Plus the vat! Plus the boxes it was all going to be packed in! They used to be known for their Great Big Gobs of Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts, but an angry mob of grimy gophers protested and they changed the recipe. Plus, it turned out the kids of Gritty City liked gooey gunk much more than gopher guts anyway, so it was a winwin situation. Where was I? Oh, yeah.

So now, with all the candy and gunk gone, the kids of Gritty City have slipped into a deep, candy-and-gunk-deprived funk! Blunder was still doing his whole I-nottrustee-thems-cats routine and growling louder than ever. I marched Blunder back to the basement and locked him in the storage room this time. I gave him two blankets and four pillows.