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We never lost a war. America never lost.

And, now, we never win a war. We never win.

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His public fixation, despite the four-star guidance he received, has implications for the budget and the war plan. He was commander of the seemingly never-ending Afghanistan War. Agency for International Development, and other non-defense agencies. It sounds like the complete antithesis of what Dunford said the Pentagon was about to propose. Even the newest general on Team Trump has already struck out.

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  2. Bouteflika May Have Stepped Aside, but the Generals Really Running Algeria Won’t?

When Truman became President in , his file was transferred to the Office of the Adjutant General, as was customary with the records of especially eminent officials. Louis, Missouri, and then to the Harry S.

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Truman Library. In , the Truman Library returned the original documents to the National Personnel Records Center, where they were stored with other military records of prominent Americans.

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The Library kept photocopies of the contents of the file. Truman Record Group , contains correspondence, memoranda, cables, memos, military orders, evaluations, oaths, handwritten notes, medical records, pay vouchers, and a clipping from the Congressional Record documenting the military service of Colonel Truman. Documents contained herein detail various aspects of Harry S.

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The Awards File details the awards given to him by the United States. Pay vouchers, discharge orders, and an affidavit are contained within the Pay Records.


The majority of the collection is contained within the Service Files and the Medical Records. The final two Service Files also incorporate documents created while Truman was a United States Senator and as President The General Historical File, , and two other folders contain copies of photoduplicated documents.

Trump and the Generals

In these cases, the original documents may no longer exist, or were subsequently damaged so that the photoduplicated version is more legible. Following that tragedy, the regime was forced to hold contested elections. But once it became clear that an Islamist party, the Islamic Salvation Front, was about to win, the generals canceled the elections and took over in January The ensuing backlash sparked a civil war that lasted throughout the s, killing perhaps as many as , Algerians and ripping the country apart.

Algerians seem to have finally had enough. During the last presidential elections, held in , state television showed Bouteflika slowly being pushed in his wheelchair close to the ballot box to cast his vote, presumably for himself. The first is that the various factions that wield power were unable to map a path forward by choosing a successor to Bouteflika.

Algerians are unlikely to accept a transition to democracy handled by the same people that have for so long usurped it. The miscalculation has forced the regime to offer concessions. But those are unlikely to quell discontent. On Monday evening, after Bouteflika withdrew his candidacy, Algerians were back on the streets. They were partly celebrating, and partly demanding that their president step down immediately. The regime has a lot of experience with shutting down dissent.

It has done so by repressing protesters and using riot police to close off public spaces. More recently, during the uprisings that brought down dictators in neighboring Tunisia and Libya, and beyond that in Egypt, Algeria was able to navigate its own wave of unrest. It raised public wages and eased access to cheap loans.